Kapasitet kurs, konferanse og selskap inntil 60 stk

Paying guests can choose to be based in Eldhuset, or they can be on the other side of the stone fence, at "Stykjet". We collaborate with Thomas who has a great meeting room in his barn, Løa. There are all the technical aids needed to prepare for a good meeting, including various group rooms.

Can we offer some coffee and drink between the battles, or some cooperative play?

Dersom gruppa er under 30, serverer me lunsj i Eldhuset, ved gruva.

At "Stykkjet" we set tables for 60 pieces. At "Stykkjet" there is a big hall, with a view to the north.

If your team is going to arrange a dance, "Stykkjet" is a good place to be. Here is the website to Stykkjet.

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