History is interesting!

There are many interesting things to tell about past times at Hidle. The island is small, but is located in the middle of the world. And here are clues from most recent and older eras, to see or touch.

Do you want to take a cultural-historical walk, 1.5 hours out into the beautiful cultural landscape? Then we try to adapt the topic to your group.

Or is it enough with 15 minutes of orientation, (short guidance) , on the way up from the quay, while you stil are on the move? Maybe the present is as interesting as the past?

"The time rope" is a way to visualize how long it has lived people in Ryfylke. How many generations have been before us?

"A erotic experience" combines two ancient monuments and a good meal; suitable for playful adults with a twinkle in the eye.

More play:
"Sense quiz" challenge sight, taste, smell, touch and sense of place. Team assignments that can be completed both outside and inside.
"Collaborative play" (team building): practical and unifying tasks, which we hope promote more laughter than adrenaline.

Language: here we speak Ryfylke dialect, German and English..

Christmas tree 2022:

Find and mark your Norwegian spruce tree during the summer and autumn. We have many fields with different trees, and good labels. Delivery at the door just before Christmas. This is an offer for you who live in Rogaland.

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