Summer 2022


Cold tomato soup with cucumber and penny bun bolete

Grava salmon

Creamy herb soup

Quiche filled with herbs and vegetables from the garden

Grava lamb

Fish soup

Main courses

Lamb meat

Lamb stew

Moose from Bolstad, served as pot, steak, or roast beef

Seared salmon with horseradish sour cream

Chickpea pot or lentil stew (vegetarian or vegan)


Spring and early summer

Nordic apple trifle

Cream pudding with hermetic plum

Rhubarb pie

Apple cake with ice-cream

Raspberry mouse

Caramel pudding

High summer

Panna Cotta with fresh berries: Raspberry, red currant, gooseberry, black currant

Gooseberries with ice-cream

“Krumkake” with filled with ice-cream and fresh berries.

Cream pudding with hermetic blue plums

Choose 3, 4 or 5 dishes?

Personalised wine menu?

Pizza besides the woodburning baking oven in our basement.

A social meal: we cook our way through 5-6 diverse kinds of pizza: our doughs are small: you cut the pizza and distribute the pizza around the table. After the menu it is up to you what we serve. Everyone will be full in the end.


For groups, minimum six persons. Including welcoming drinks and coffee/tea in the end.

Three dishes soup dinner: 400kr

Three dishes dinner: 500kr

Three dishes dinner with moose, halibut or homemade (lamb ribs): 600kr

Pizza by the baking oven: 400kr

We will also make other menus and dishes on your encouragement.

We try to serve untraveled food, according to season. Most of our food is from the farm, fjord, and adjacent producers.

We try to support all dietary and religious food needs.

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