He who loves an island on our earth, he loves the limited and the boundless. (Alfred Hauge)

Welcome to Nordahidle!

Local food in Eldhuset

Local, seasonal and tasty

Nordahidle food and experiences

At Hidle you will get local food and experiences of many kinds; Everything from pleasant friend groups to more formal occasions, as well as course and conferences and Christmas-workshops for the creative. Do you like to know where you are? We can orient you about contemporary times and are eager about local history.

Please contact us for a non-comital offer. We hope to see you here.

Local history and activities

Nord-Hidle is a small island but is centred in the middle of the world. Terjer can take you on a short, guided tour or bring you along on a longer cultural historic journey. This journey would be for those who would like a more concrete expression for the 11.000 years of settlements in Ryfylke.

If you want to challenge yourself and your group to a little competition, we can offer a quiz of the senses. If you are the type of person who likes to plan, you can mark your own Christmas tree as early as July, and this is possible all through the fall until Christmas.

Opening hours

In principle we are open all days of the year, all throughout the day. However, you must order for you and your group ahead of time: Together we will find the best time and the correct content for you and your companions!

Courses and conference

We adhere to groups between 6 and 60. Simple meetings, or full day events, with many elements. Everything of AV equipment and fibre is available for you. Get in touch, so we can discuss how we can support your needs.

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